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Autumn tree tips

The warm weather is departing and the leaves are changing, so what should you be doing to prepare your trees for the autumn and winter cold? In this guide, we will give you our top five autumn tree tips to help your trees and garden to look their best.


Will your trees be long-lived? 

You could say that cleaning up the yard on the weekend is part of our Australian culture. Every weekend, out comes the lawnmower, whipper snipper, along with herbicides to kill off any offending weeds. Yes, the lawn looks great, but have we thought about what damage we may be causing to the trees?


Tree Pruning & Removal Guidelines for the Nillumbik Council

Why Prune Your Trees? Tree removal and pruning practices are heavily regulated in the Nillumbik Council and for that reason all residents should familiarise themselves with the local laws before thinking about cutting down or trimming their private trees. However, these practices remain an important part of preserving the health and sustainability of the local […]


Tree Pruning & Removal Guidelines for the Whittlesea Council

Tree Pruning & Removal Guidelines for the Whittlesea Council Trees that are well maintained, through pruning, shaping and tactical lopping, provide a broad range of benefits for the community. Healthy trees look good, contribute to the leafy green character of a region, increase property value and even improve mental health and wellbeing, according to research. […]


Tree Pruning & Removal Guidelines in the Manningham Council

Guidelines for Pruning & Removing Trees in Manningham Our tree specialists, also known as Arborists or Loppers, provide a range of services throughout Manningham to help residents and the community to preserve a healthy urban forest. These services include trimming, tactical lopping, canopy shaping, tree cutting, stump extraction and tree health assessments.  The urban forest […]


Tree Removal & Pruning Guidelines in the Hobsons Bay City Council

Careful maintenance and preservation of the ecosystem is essential in the Hobsons Bay region, with its suburbs stretching across beaches, wetlands, creeks and grasslands. Situated on Port Phillip Bay and covering approximately 66 square kilometres, Hobsons Bay boasts one of the most environmentally diverse municipalities near the heart of Melbourne. Key to the existence of […]


Tree Removal & Pruning Guidelines in the Maribyrnong Council

While lopping, trimming and removing private trees throughout the City of Maribyrnong is regulated by state and local planning controls, it remains an important strategy to cultivating a healthy urban tree population and a safe community. Trees that have been left without the care of regular maintenance and health assessments by a qualified Arborist can […]