What’s the difference between Tree Loppers & Arborists?

Tree lopping and lopping services are distinct from the tree removals and tree services provided by qualified arborists. It’s important to understand this difference as it can make a huge difference to the health of the tree, the quality of the work and the safety of your community. 

The key difference between a tree lopper and an arborist comes down to training and experience. Arborists are tree experts who have been trained to follow Australian standards of tree pruning and care to ensure the best results for the tree, the ecosystem and the safety of nearby residents. 

Maintaining trees is not as simple as removing sections of the canopy and branches. Tree care requires an understanding of risk assessment, health and safety as well as horticultural expertise. These are skills taught and developed by trained arborists. 

When do you need an Arborist?

If you need to undertake tree work – whether that involves stump grinding, tree pruning or tree removal – it is always advised that you seek the assistance of a qualified arborist. This way you can rest assured they will have the qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience, tools and insurance to do the work safely, professionally and with the best results. 

While it is important to have qualified professionals working on your trees in all situations, it is especially important when you need to remove and prune large trees. Climbing, cutting branches and bringing down mature trees is dangerous work. It is essential that there are safety procedures in place to protect the climber, the ground crew and any nearby residents. 

What is lopping and when do you need it?

Lopping, sometimes referred to as ‘topping’, is the process of removing the entire top section of the tree. This strategy of removing the crown is generally considered to be bad for the health of the tree and is avoided by arborists whenever possible. This type of procedure causes the regrowth of the tree to come through weaker than the original structure.

Although there are a handful of situations that may call for a tree to be lopped, it is still advised that this is done by a professional arborist rather than an unlicensed lopper. An arborist will provide a proper risk assessment and health assessment of the tree, and only if they determine that lopping is the best strategy will they proceed with that approach. An arborist will then do so with the least harm done to the tree and the ecosystem.

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