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Advantages of mulching your garden beds

You’ve likely heard that mulching your garden bed is a good idea. But, if you’re like most homeowners then you’re probably still a bit unsure of what mulch actually means and why it’s beneficial. So let’s just take a moment to get on the same page about mulch. We’ll look at what mulch is, where it comes from, what the advantages of mulching are and how you can use the offcuts from your trees to mulch your garden beds.

What is mulching?

Mulching is the process of covering the surface of soil with a layer of material. Sounds broad right? Yep, that’s because there are many different types of mulch you can use to cover the soil, different methods for how much to apply, different reasons you might do it and a heap of benefits for doing it. Mulch is usually, though not always, organic material like grass clipping, woodchips, hay, animal manure or any number of things.

Where did mulching come from?

The practice of mulching is derived from the natural process of green waste or animal waste that falls on the soil and protects it from drying out from the sun. Today this practice is adapted to our home gardens so that we can recreate the healthy processes found in nature to protect plants and encourage healthy growth. This is particularly important in the harsh Australian climate which would otherwise be inhospitable for the many introduced species of plants we have in our gardens.

The advantages of mulch

There are many advantages to mulching your garden beds. It helps to protect your plants and soil from harsh conditions such as heat, frost and wind. It also helps to prevent the soil in your garden from erosion and compaction, which can hurt the health of your plants. Mulching restricts the growth of weeds from too much light, while also reducing water loss, which ensures you maintain the moisture and fertility of the soil. By covering the soil and protecting it from external conditions, you also help moderate the soil temperature, which encourages plant health and growth. Protecting your soil with mulch can help protect your garden from invasive insects and protect from damage that can be caused from weed eaters and lawnmowers. Mulching with organic materials can also benefit your soil’s health and fertility as the organic matter breaks down over time and adds its healthy compounds to the garden. As you can see, there are many great advantages to mulching your garden beds.

Making use of green waste when you get your trees cut

When our arborists perform routine tree maintenance services (like tree pruning, lopping, crown raising, crown thinning etc), there is a lot of green waste created in the process. Our teams will feed this green waste through an industrial wood chipper. By doing so, they transform the green waste into fresh, organic woodchip mulch. This type of mulch is ideal for mulching your garden beds. It is free of chemicals, sourced from your garden and able to be directly applied to your soil to start reaping all the advantages of mulching. So next time you get your trees cut, ask about how you can use that fresh woodchip mulch for your garden beds.

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